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Learn what tech-savvy power tools professionals and serious DIYers should be looking for in 2023.

Here are the top three methods from Laguna Tools for storing your bandsaw blades that will ensure that they stay unbent, undamaged and compact.

We recommend buying high quality tools from the start, rather than needing to buy cheap items more than once. Here are 10 tools to get started in woodworking.

Thanks to advances in technology, we are in the midst of an unprecedented period of globalization. We can order products from the other side of the globe and realistically expect them to arrive within a few weeks. The global supply chain has never been more advanced. But, it's also never been more complicated, and that doesn’t come without drawbacks. There are certainly pros and cons of exclusively purchasing American power tools and machinery...

Going into the new year, professional trades(wo)men and tool dealers alike were hopeful of improvements to the severe supply chain delays impacting product availability that we all faced in previous years. The reality is, it hasn't gotten much better…

Every power tool and industrial machinery distributor operates a little differently. We want to make sure that you understand from the get-go what to expect when shopping BIS: Beaver Industrial Supply at

In short, yes.

Festool's german manufactured system-based hand power tools are leagues above the rest. While we recognize Festool might not be for a one-time simple home project (although certainly could be if you want it done right!), they are worth it for professional painters, woodworkers and serious hobbyists.

Getting started with your Shaper Origin, a fully automated hand-held CNC machine, is fairly simple. The only tricky part you may run into is how to design and save the svg file type; we are here to help.