BIS Beaver Industrial Supply Story


Our story begins in 1986. The company was founded by manufacturing only one revolutionary product, a small but mighty edge finisher, which is still available today. John Krumrey recognized the importance of this tool for professional craftsmen and bought the company in 1996.

Beaver Industrial Supply was one of the first online sellers of woodworking products in the U.S., providing service through technology.

Under new ownership, Beaver Industrial Supply evolved into an e-commerce distributor of many high-quality woodworking and metalworking tool brands: Festool, JET Tools, Powermatic, Mirka Abrasives, Fein Tools, Sawtrax and Laguna Tools.

At BIS Beaver Industrial Supply, we don’t just want to be your resource for supplies, we want to be your resource for solutions. Our in-house customer service team is readily available to answer questions and remedy concerns, in English or Spanish.

Since our founding, tool technology and professional craftsmans’ needs have changed. So, too, has Beaver Industrial Supply. We have become one of the top national distributors of high-end saws, planers, sanders, lathes, joiners, drills, dust extractors and more. Our showroom located in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring our top brands, allows locals to experience the power behind the tools and the expertise of our Sales Manager. Welcome to Beaver Industrial Supply- for all your woodworking and metalworking needs.