Drywall Sanders

Years of development work and a determined focus on ergonomics and user-friendliness have resulted in the lightest brushless electric wall and ceiling sander on the market, Mirka® LEROS. This unique tool has features like no other comparable sander on the market.

Lightweight, Only 3.5 kg

Mirka LEROS is the lightest wall and ceiling sander on the market. Thanks to the lightweight, the operator can sand for longer periods and less strain is put on the operator’s body.

180° Flexible Sanding Head

The flexible sanding head enables the tool to easily follow the operator’s movements and permits the operator to use ergonomic working position. The flexible head also helps the operator to reach the surface from different angles.

5 mm Random Orbital Movement

The random orbital movement enables an easy handling of the tool and a better finish. Hence, there are fewer interruptions due to fatigue and less re-work is needed.

Full Force System

Due to the lack of springs and brushes there is no need to press the tool against the wall when sanding with Mirka LEROS. Instead the complete force is transferred to the sanding process. Brushless motor The brushless motor reduces the weight of the tool significantly. In addition, less maintenance is needed since there are no carbon brushes that need to be changed. Dust-free To enable efficient dust-free sanding the shroud has two suctions points and a pad that is optimised for Abranet sanding discs. The operator saves time and money and the working environment is cleaner and healthier.

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  1. Russ Goerlitz asks Sep 8, 2022

    Does your sander kit include the self cleaning vac or the standard vac?

    1. Brandon Cook answers Sep 9, 2022

      The kits we have now are including the standard vac. Mirka has not even notified us about the release of the auto clean unit, or any of their recent product launches recently. We are putting together an order for these newer vacs as we speak. If you were to order one today, it would be the standard vac. While it does still have a filter cleaning function, it's just not automatic.
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

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