Mirka Abrasives manufactures and distributes high quality abrasive products. Mirka offer everything from random orbital sanders to specialty abrasives like MIrka Abralon and Mirka Abranet. If you need a high quality sandpaper or abrasive product Mirka probably makes it and makes it better than anyone else.

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  1. JERY BARTON asks Sep 11, 2022

    What are the appropriate products for polishing wood and metal

    1. Brandon Cook answers Sep 30, 2022

      Wood and metal are very different materials and require slightly different materials and processes to acheive a good finish. For wood, Festool offers a comprehensive Polishing system that can be used with a dedicated polisher, or in conjunction with the RO125/150 Sanders. Most of which can be found here:

      For metal, Mirka also carries a line of their Polarshine polishing compounds and polishing pads that can be found here:

      Both processes can be completed to varying degrees, depending on your material, application, and end goal. I hope this helps.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

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