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  1. Dennis DeRango asks Oct 29, 2022

    Refinishing an old wooden boat. Want simple sander with dust collection. Do you only have orbital sanders? Self generating

    1. Brandon Cook answers Nov 1, 2022

      We sell a good variety of sanders. We carry electric, pneumatic, and cordless sanders. Random orbital (DA sander), orbital, and linear sanders as well. If you want a sander with a self-generating vacuum that comes with its own bag, the Mirka Pneumatic line would be where you'd want to start, Here are several of the models we offer with a Self-generating dust extraction system. MRP-650SGV, MRP-550SGV, MR-3SGV, MR38SGV, MR5-SGV,MR-508SGV, MR-6SGV, MR-608SGV. Here is a link to that portion of the site as well.
      Be sure to carefully read and understand the specs on each unit before placing an order. If you would like further assistance n choosing the right sander, feel free to call us at 314-773-5999. I hope this helps!
      Thank you for your inquiry!

1 Item

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