Waterproof Finishing Sandpaper

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  1. Bob Bode asks Nov 16, 2022

    Can Galaxy 1000 grit six edge grip pads for use for wet sanding on an air machine and should have holes in it or not the machine size no holes in the paper does that sound right? Thank you.

    1. Brandon Cook answers Nov 21, 2022

      Yes, sir, the galaxy series paper can be used for wet sanding! Just make sure the attachment type is the same as your sander. Generally, air sanders use a PSA pad. Not to say yours is that way, but usually, they are so just make sure they will work with your pad! No-Hole if you're not using extraction, Multi-Hole if you are! There are no more 5-hole, 8 hole, etc patterns, they now have a one-size-fits-all, pattern.
      I hope this helps!
      Thank you for your inquiry!

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