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  1. Peter Turowski asks Dec 8, 2022

    I’m looking for rolls of sandpaper for finish sanding on bowls on the lathe. Mostly walnut, cherry and maple. Not sure what to order mostly I use 80 to 120 grit

    1. Brandon Cook answers Dec 13, 2022

      I would assume you would just be sanding by hand with your bowl chucked in your lathe? If this is the case, I would think a paper backed (no adhesive or velcro backing, just paper) sheet or a roll would be best. Or even some of the 3x4 paper if you are using some kind of block.
      Here are some options on the 9x11 sheets
      If youre wanting to keep it on the cheaper side, the Mirka Basecut 9x11 sheets would work well.
      Part numbers would be MK22-101-080 and MK22-101-120
      For a slightly better series, the Mirka Gold series paper is a great option as well.
      Part numbers are 21-104-P80, 21-104-p120
      If you would like to discuss your application in more detail, feel free to email our Product Specialist at [email protected]
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

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